Thursday, June 30th

The Vantage of Vintage

Turning the clock back 15 years to the first Chronofighter watches. GRAHAM is keeping the vintage vibe alive to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of its successful Chronofighter with four new additions to the iconic series. With the signature trigger on the left side of the case, the Swiss-made timepiece, integrating quirky British roots, is right on target to propel nostalgia confidently into the future. The Chronofighter Vintage collection uses the power of its innovative roots and wings to rule the kingdom of masculine mindfulness.

Another new chronograph to satisfy the wannabe cool dude? Definitely not. This is the timekeeper for the guy who elegantly unites sporting the sleekest pilots’ sunglasses with carefully crafting a paper aeroplane for a six-year-old co-pilot. Or for the male who derives equal enjoyment from trekking through wild landscapes and visualising the one the glass of malt in his hand originated from.




The bold trigger that starts and stops the chronograph acts as a double agent, simultaneously protecting the crown. Whether this eye-catching design trademark is instantly in full view, or revealed gradually from its temporary hiding place behind a bomber jacket sleeve or crisp shirt cuff, the wow factor is guaranteed. Wearers of this edgily industrial mean machine are no couch potatoes; so bold looks translate directly into comfort in action with angled lugs and soft leather straps. The colour palette for the dials and straps embraces navy blue, brown or black.



No small print

The 44 mm case of the Chronofighter Vintage pieces presents a dynamic cockpit of Swiss precision timekeeping. Big is beautiful here without a shadow of doubt. The chronograph functionality consists of two easily legible counters, one to track seconds and the other to count 30-minute periods. The passing of the hours, minutes and seconds is masterminded on the main dial, which also has a clearly visible date display at 9 o’clock. Elements such as fine stitching on the leather and fire-red tips on the second hands punctuate the extrovert look. These watches are the Graham flagships and fully in command of the current vintage voyage.