Friday, April 24, 2020

A Week A Watch

Every week, Graham presents a brand new watch. Definitely surprising and always spiced up with humour. Stay tuned! 

10 Weeks 10 Watches


The Animal Collection: wild and fun

Make your choice between the growling bear, the mother tiger caring about the turbulent young tiger, or the short-tempered dragon snaking all around the dial.


The Chronofighter Vintage Ltd - Emergency Gold

The watch features a 1 gram genuine Swiss Gold Ingot on the dial. The 50 lucky owners may decide to break the sapphire crystal to grab their Gold.Delivered with a little hammer in case of emergency. 

The Chronofighter Vintage Ltd - Golden Junk

The Golden Junk Chronofighter is the perfect watch to enjoy a peaceful journey away from the turbulent shores. #morningcalm

The Chronofighter Vintage Ltd - Pulsometer

The Chronofighter Pulsometer is a mini-metronome able to measure human hearbeats and feels equally at home with the peaks and troughs of electronic house music.


The Chronofighter Grand Vintage Ltd - Swiss Edition

Swiss up to a festive alpine art! Graham celebrates the Poya ancestral tradition. A ritual consisting of ascending the cowherd up to the mountain pastures for the sunny season. The festive alpine procession on a finely cut metal sheet is delicately set on a cow’s horn dial.

The Chronofighter Grand Vintage Ltd - I Shot the Sheriff

Tribute to the famous song by Bob Marley and also interepreted by Eric Clapton in 1974. 

The Chronofighter Vintage - 25th Anniversary

Graham celebrates the 25th anniversary of its creation by reviving the first Chronofighter model

The Chronofighter  Superlight Carbon Skeleton

The Superlight LTM Carbon “Lightweight Translucent Matrix” breaks new standard with a red translucent matrix revealing Carbon folds floating into.



The Chronofighter Vintage Ltd - Stingray

To further celebrate Graham Watches 25th anniversary of existence here is a reissue of the Chronofighter Stingray (original watch on the right pic). The dial design coupled with the typical trigger on the watch case are still making the difference. #25thanniversary


New collection: Fortress

Designed after the World War II Flying military standards, the Fortress watch displays a rare Chronograph Automatic Mono-pusher functionality. The start-stop-reset commands are all set from the crown-pusher. Limited edition of 100 pieces.

Swordfish Ltd

Imagined after a design competition initiated by Graham in 2001, this icon of watchmaking design met with unprecedented success in Graham’s history and became shortly a statement piece. With its two large sapphire magnifying glasses «staring » at you, a new chronograph technique and a surprising name, we decided to launch a re-edition limited to 25 pieces of the very first Swordfish series, with the original dial, its original movement and a 46mm steel case.

Chronofighter Vintage VE-Day

“Liberty, I write your name” declared Paul Eluard’s in his poem written during WW2. Knowing how much we owe the British and Allied troops, we do not forget and celebrate the heritage of the landmark victory of May 8th, 1945, which ended the war in Europe. The reedition of the Chronofighter VE-Day is obvious as the world celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in Europe and Graham celebrates his 25th Anniversary.