Monday, September 23, 2019

Raising funds for the Lovelife program

GRAHAM and partner in Taiwan Swiss Prestige support the Lovelife program

by launching a Swordfish Limited edition.

The Lovelife program began in 2008, when famous Taiwanese actor and basketball player Blackie Chen and wife Christine Fan initiated the promotion of “anti-suicide”. Now the program also takes care of vulnerable children, and their families, with cancer, autism, Down syndrome and other pathologies.

Blackie Chen as well as Joseph Lin, basketball player and brother of NBA star Jeremy Lin honoured us of their presence.

Cherishing life above all, the transmission of love and the never give up attitude, the Lovelife program represents a hope of achieving a fair and protective society for children facing difficulties.

Sharing the same values of fighting spirit, Graham contributes to raise funds and public awareness with the launch of a limited edition Swordfish. During the event, NT$ 250'000 have been donated to the foundation.