Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Swordfish 15th Anniversary

Subversive and atypical best apply to the Swordfish timepieces.The first Swordfish watches were born in 2004, with an unorthodox identity. Named after a highly migratory predator, this new design remains a rare species, and is now evolving into one that is manoeuvring its way into the expansive catchment area of discerning watch lovers.

Stunning and charismatic, the Swordfish watches use technical prowess and unconventional design to swim in bigger seas. Two 20% magnifying glasses over the hour and minute counters stare out questioningly at the onlooker. Graham has been turning the trend tide for 15 years. Are you ready to do the same? Unique is the new fashionable.


Swordfish models launched in 2004



Swordfish Booster Iris


Swordfish Booster steel and all black


Four new models, celebrating the 15th anniversary