Swiss Wrestler Edition

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Celebrating Our Culture

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Gentlemen Above All

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The Story Behind

The Colors

The color of the bronze openwork plate reflects typical Swiss cowbells.

The Wrestling

The dual amid wrestlers seeking to hurl their opponent onto their back.

The Ceremony

The winning ceremony during which the king is crowned with a wreath.

The Swiss King of Wrestling

Christian "Chrigu" Stucki

Born in 1985, Chrigu has been dubbed the "King of Switzerland" after winning the national championship title in 2019. Regarding his sporting achievements: 6 x federal wreath winner, 128 wreaths and a total of 42 wreath festival victories.

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Supporting the next generation

Lario Kramer

Born in 1998, Lario has been wrestling since he was eight years old. He won 26 wreaths and 2 wreath festival victories. In the following years, Lario wants to work hard to confirm his previous achievements and reduce the gap to the national top.

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Noe Van Messel

Born in 2002, Noe is our youngest ambassador. He won 27 wreaths at young wrestlers’ festivals and over 65 awards. Noe describes himself as a combination of tradition and modernity. He is eager to train and win.

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Patrick Schenk

Born in 1994, Patrick has been wrestling since he was seven years old. He won 2 federal wreaths, 3 mountain wreaths, 4 partial association wreaths and 25 county wreaths.

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